How To Acces Special Characters in Your Desktop

How to access Special Character  in Mac And Windows

if you are a mac user, please follow these steps :

1. Open Your Fontbook and select the Font (it is already installed on your computer).

2. Click the little icon at the top left with the grid/dots.

3. Select glyph you want by scrolling the font book characters

4. Copy and Paste on your Editor or Program.

If you are windows user, please follow these steps :

Open program “Character Map” in your device. you can nd this program white using

the search menu.

1. Select the font.

2. Check the advance view.

3. In “Group By” option please choose: Unicode Subrange.

4. Please choose Private Use Characters

5. After the glyphs have shown, please click the character that do you want.

6. Copy the character and paste it to your software.

If you still meet any problem to access a special character. Please contact us at